Private Equity

We focus on energy, which is at the heart of the climate challenge and is also our area of expertise.
We invest in early-stage companies which are using innovation to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.

Despite the influx of capital to private companies, we believe there remains a funding gap for early-stage companies in this space.
We look to plug this gap at attractive valuations
[ 01 ]
We look for unfair advantage
by ground-breaking energy technologies and exceptional teams pursuing a large market they deeply understand
[ 02 ]
We provide more than money
bringing connections, expertise and advice
[ 03 ]
We invest for the long-term
building great companies takes time
We have a proven track record of investments in wind and solar energy, energy storage, district heating, biofuels, etc.
Examples of investments within our team’s portfolio:
Development and production of the solid-state lithium ceramic battery
Fit and forget energy harvesting technology for remote condition monitoring of industrial machinery
Hybrid solar collector that generate both electricity and heat for commercial and residential applications
Single-photon lidar gas images for continuous methane monitoring
Super-insulating aerogel materials to tackle the climate & fire-safety emergencies in the building sector
Decarbonising the cold chain with zero-emission transport refrigeration